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World-class security solutions for your peace of mind.

Challenger Security is a distinguished services provider, offering unparalleled quality in security solutions to safeguard your people, your assets and your brand.

Our team of accredited professionals work in partnership with you to provide the customised solutions that deliver protection and peace of mind.

From security guards, security patrols and alarm response to event security, high-end protection and consulting, our innovative approach ensures the most effective, advanced and reliable response to your unique corporate or personal needs.

The key skill of Challenger Security is in the provision of professional systematic manpower, patrol and response services, through a tried and tested well-disciplined and structured system. Achieving a high quality, reliable and ethical supply of services; constantly improving standards; and high end quality delivery, through highly skilled and trained professionals.

ML NSW:410392764 SA:ISL282676 VIC:936-839-70S WA:SA51449 QLD:3898944

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