A Positive, powerful visible deterrent.

Challenger Security manages a team of elite armed and unarmed security guards to ensure your property is protected by the very best talent available.

Trained to carry out a variety of preventative and proactive, on and off-site services, our guards follow an effective system of security measures that include:

  • Protecting cash, valuable and property.
  • Preventing illegal/forced entry and other damage to property.
  • Identifying and, where possible and appropriate, detaining offenders for subsequent police action.
  • Ensuring that all matters requiring reports are recorded and, when necessary, provided to the police.

Unarmed Guards
High level training and certification ensures Challenger Security’s unarmed guards have the skills to produce the best possible outcome in any situation. Our unarmed guards are employed in diverse locations including pharmacies, retail stores, shopping centres, schools, university campusesand other locations where their presence serves as a powerful deterrent against criminal activities.

Armed Guards
In addition to all the training and experience required for unarmed security guard service, armed guards must also be trained in the use of firearms and licenced to carry a weapon. Perhaps equally important, armed guards must have a calm temperament and a complete understanding of the conditions that prevail in the environment they will be working in.

Under most circumstances, armed security guards are only employed where items of substantial value must be protected. This includes cash, jewellery, antiques, works-of-art, valuable documents, rare books or critical infrastructure and property.

Armed security guard services also include cash in transit activities to banks and other financial institutions, escorting cash and other valuables from one facility to another.

An extensive interview process ensures all our armed guards are articulate, well presented and licenced individuals with extensive training in the use of firearms.

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