Are you ready For a challenge?

Our strength is in our people and the commitment they bring to our team, so when it comes to hiring and training new staff we look for the very top talent on offer.

in persuit of excellence

We’re looking for highly-disciplined, well-trained and courteous security professionals who continuously strive to be at the top of their game.

All Challenger Security personnel must be able to:

1. Read, understand and write English;

2. Understand security instructions and specifications;

3. Work unsupervised;

4. Commit to customer service, safety and the environment,

5. Take ownership and accountability for the work performed;

6. Represent our brand flawlessly in attire and personal manner.

If you meet the above criteria please apply on the right hand side.

Master Licence Number
SA: ISL282676
VIC: 936-839-70S
WA: SA51449
QLD: 3898944
ACT: 17502603

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