Professional Concierge with real expertise.

Our concierge services not only provide an essential safeguard against unauthorised access but also enhance the perception of your brand.

The role of a concierge is not a simple one. In fact you have to be thoroughly trained and well equipped to handle a diverse range of duties and responsibilities, sometimes demanding clientele and most importantly, attention to every little detail.

An all-encompassing service for strata properties and hotels, Challenger’s quality management support and staff selection, training and retention is our key to high quality service delivery.

We are driven by the high standards required in the industry and supply the same high standards throughout our business. Clients experience a massive improvement in standards as a result.

Our staff undergo thorough training with your Building Managers in order to seamlessly handle an array of duties and responsibilities using appropriate measures and behaviour.

Servicing numerous strata properties and hotels across the city, we provide an all-encompassing concierge service with a focus on professional conduct, exceptional communication and the necessary training to deal with a wide range of security scenarios.

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